When your glass is half empty, I hope to help you see it a little fuller.

Or at least make sure it’s filled with something tasty! As a writer, therapist, creative, and wisdom-seeker, this is a space where I share what I’ve learned from life’s ebbs and flows.

And I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t have it all figured out – far from it!

That’s what drives me: curiosity and answers that inspire new questions. A Soul Awake is a haven for anyone who believes that:

less is more

self-care is never selfish

resiliency is a superpower

the present is where the magic happens

You’ll find you’re in especially good company if:

So get cozy, find your favorite mug, and make yourself at home. Did I mention that tea is always a good idea? In the eternal words of C.S. Lewis, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

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If it’s words that soothe your soul, I’ve got some healing ones. Stillness can be found here.

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