Using a gentle, encouraging approach, I offer a supportive space for you to explore the emotions and experiences that shape who you are.

If putting yourself second has become second nature, welcome. Whether you’ve been in therapy before or are just getting started, I’m glad you’re here.

At A Soul Awake Psychotherapy, LLC, I specialize in working with female professionals in their mid-20s to mid-40s who are struggling with:


Together we can arrive at solutions that facilitate greater self-insight and committed action that aligns with your values.

My greatest fulfillment comes through empowering women to uncover the parts of themselves that are too often neglected:

The wise and self-compassionate parts;

The confident, assertive, grounded parts;

The resilient parts and the self-advocating parts that are only just emerging.


I’ll invite you to welcome each of your parts with openness and curiosity, and lead you toward accepting your experience while quieting the inner voice of self-judgment.

Beginning therapy is an act of love — for your past, present, and future selves; for your relationships; and for your life’s unfolding.

It is a way of saying, “My needs matter as much as the needs of those around me. My mental health is no less important than my physical health. My potential for growth is greater than the sum of my previous failures.”

Central to our work will be the development of meaningful self-care strategies tailored to your unique strengths and interests so that you’re able to flourish in the face of life’s hardships.

When you encounter your should’ve-been-, could’ve-been-, and what-if-selves, I’ll anchor you back in the present as we focus on what needs healing and begin writing a new narrative.

As our work together progresses, I’ll challenge you to examine the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your difficulties and help you shift your thinking and response patterns to form healthier ways of having your needs met.


I find joy in being able to help my clients feel good about the work they are doing: for their current selves, for those they love, and for the selves they want to become.

It’s incredibly rewarding to witness a client’s growth as she releases old patterns that no longer serve her and begins to engage in new ways with the world around her.

Often, many of the patterns that we carry into adulthood were developed during childhood as a means to navigate an environment or time period that was chaotic, unpredictable, or unsafe. While these responses may no longer be appropriate as we get older, remember that they originated from a space of resilience and self-protection.

Therapeutic work isn’t always easy, but when you can begin to see the space for transformation that opens up by working through your concerns, that is when you can get in touch with your deepest self and make meaningful changes.

Current Openings

Monday mornings via Telehealth
8:00 AM CST to 2:00 PM CST
9:00 AM EST to 3:00 PM EST

Wednesday afternoons and evenings via Telehealth
1:00 PM CST to 7:00 PM CST
2:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST

Saturday mornings via Telehealth
9:00 AM CST to 2:00 PM CST
10:00 AM EST to 3:00 PM EST

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Mental health starts here.

Ready to start living a life aligned with your needs and values? At A Soul Awake Psychotherapy, LLC, I help women in their mid-20s to mid-40s become active participants in their own well-being. Schedule your complementary phone consultation today to learn more.

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