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I’m Emily and I am so glad you found me. I hope you’ve learned the basics by now (besides that I have a penchant for tea and favor playlists over podcasts) but just in case, here’s a refresher: I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) practicing in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Pacific Northwest. I work with women in their early 20s to mid-40s who are struggling with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and work-related concerns, to name a few.

Like many of the women I work with, I’m no stranger to the disruptions that can arise simply from being human. I know what it’s like to face feelings of depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. I’ve traversed the territory of losing loved ones and still haven’t quite got the whole grieving thing down yet. I am continually getting to know parts of myself that are figuring out how to best express themselves. And I am grateful for it all: the way each trial and tribulation has shaped me and challenged me to examine how who I am aligns with who I want to be.

My journey has been far from linear, but I’m learning to embrace its dead ends and detours.

In 2023, I migrated from Chicago to the West Coast where I’m blessed to make a living not only as a therapist, but as a writer specializing in wellness and self-care, where I dwell in the details — the sound of one’s laugh, the intrigue of a partially open door — and am reminded of the big picture when I’m among nature; young children who view the world with such wonder; and clients whose insight is surpassed only by their resilience.

I love words and listening to favorite songs on repeat. I don’t always finish the crosswords and sudokus I start, but when I do, the brief moment of satisfaction that follows remains unparalleled. I’ll never get tired of being my dog’s favorite human and the vast affection and adventures this affords me. I’m a vegetarian, a runner, and an aspiring bread baker; a minimalist and a bibliophile; a lover of cardamom; and a seeker of deep connection.

My journey has been far from linear but I’m learning to embrace its dead ends and detours. I hope to help you do the same. Even if our paths don’t cross beyond this shared virtual space, I’m grateful that for today, they intersected.

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