Field of Greens: Tales of a Vegetarian

Eliminating meat from my diet helped me become more creative in the kitchen and changed the way I think about what I put on my plate. If you’re considering becoming a full-time herbivore or are curious about what it might be like, I encourage you to give it a try.


Lessons in Resilience: The Stories We Tell
and Why They Matter

Our stories are flexible not fixed, and continually evolving. They’re not intended to eliminate what doesn’t fit, but to make room for it, and come to terms with it in a way that yields understanding, perhaps even comfort.


Finding Happiness

Many of us spend our adult lives searching for happiness without ever feeling like we’ve found it. This fleeting state of being can feel so out of reach, we wonder how to obtain a firm grasp on it.


How Crisis Can Help Us Rediscover Our Shared Humanity

If we allow collaboration to line our path toward abundance, we will witness a way of being that for too long, has existed only in the minds of the few, instead of the lives of the many.