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Serenity Amid the Salt

Imagine yourself relaxing in a cozy spa-like setting. You close your eyes as gentle music plays softly in your ears and comforting aromas linger in the background. If this scene sounds like your average nail salon, day spa or therapist’s office, think again.

Put the Kettle On: Tea for Every Ailment

Tea makes my mornings sweeter and even the longest of winters seem shorter. It soothes my soul when I’m stressed and has accompanied many a good read, leisurely stroll and heart to heart. In short, it’s always there for me when I need it, like a well-worn sweater or a favorite film.

Minimalism and the Invitation of Self-Reflection

For all of the difficult things you encounter about yourself, there are still more you can love. Your impatience, jealousy, anger, greed: they do not define you. But how you approach them does.

Are We Raising Our Kids to be Kind?

We tell girls, ‘Don’t be angry. Be a lady.’ We tell boys, ‘Don’t be scared. Don’t be vulnerable. Don’t cry. Don’t be weak. Be strong. Be stoic. Keep it inside.’ That is so profoundly damaging of how we actually keep our minds present.