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Service Spotlight: Emily’s Affirmations

Some difficult experiences are just difficult. And sometimes we don’t get to see the positive outcome of them. But I think the chance of there being something larger that serves us and that serves others is there, and that requires us having the difficult experiences. I don’t want to live without difficult experiences.

Put the Kettle On: Tea for Every Ailment

Tea makes my mornings sweeter and even the longest of winters seem shorter. It soothes my soul when I’m stressed and has accompanied many a good read, leisurely stroll and heart to heart. In short, it’s always there for me when I need it, like a well-worn sweater or a favorite film.

Second Chance Minimalism: Relearning to Live with Less

When I was faced with losing what little I had, I began to cherish it more: the few photos that adorned my walls reminding me of places I loved, the turquoise tea kettle I used daily that brought a sense of warmth to my kitchen, the dozen books that lined my windowsill, handpicked favorites I knew I’d never tire of reading.

How the Digital Age Left Us Unprepared for Loneliness Under Lockdown

Despite the digital enhancements of our time that promise to leave us more connected, we continue to traverse the landscape of loneliness with unprecedented rigor and a seeming disregard for its debilitating consequences.