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Please book your phone consultation at least 24 hours in advance and ensure that you will have a safe, quiet, and private space to talk at the time of the call.

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Let’s Chat

  • When did your symptoms begin? How frequently do they occur? How would you rate their intensity? Do they interfere with your day-to-day functioning?
  • Have you experienced any recent life changes or disruptions: It’s not unusual to undergo a life transition — a move, a marriage, a job change — prior to noticing that you’re not feeling or acting like yourself.
  • Who can you rely on when the going gets tough? Does anyone else know what you’re going through? Perhaps it was a friend, partner, family, member, or roommate who suggested you seek help.
  • How have you tried to address your concern(s) in the past? What did you find helpful? What didn’t you find helpful? Is there something you’re interested in exploring that you haven’t tried yet?
  • Have you worked with a therapist before? What was your experience like? Have you ever taken or are you currently taking medication to address your concern(s)?
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