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I’m Emily, and I’m so glad you found me. I know we don’t know each other (or maybe we do!) but it feels like however you got here, you belong. And while I’d like to think that I have a hand in our lives overlapping, where these words are first meeting you and our worlds collide, there’s far more at work than I can explain. But every story has a beginning and here’s mine.

For a long time, I wasn’t the author of my own narrative. I was the co-author, or the ghostwriter, or the well-known persona who writes the foreword and gets featured on the cover. I was developed to dwell between the pages instead of on their surface.

Within these folds, I learned to look out for the needs of others while constructing a protective barrier to conceal my own. I became well-acquainted with disruption and disorder, self-critique, and self-doubt. My narrative arc was increasingly informed by those around me, a rotation of narrators staking claims to my story.

Sometimes my appearances would span one or two paragraphs, even a whole chapter on occasion — but I was being edited, mapped out, rewritten, reshaped — rather than penning each page. It was years before before I was the main character, still more before my name made its cover debut.

My story had been home to expectations, beliefs, and burdens that weren’t my own. I remained on its outskirts until I gradually gave myself permission to take up more room; to make myself a priority; to change the plot that was being written without me.

I’m still acclimating to this newfound territory and I still catch myself trading in my authorship — to appease, to back down, to ignore. But I know what it’s like now to live on the pages instead of between them, and this is where I want to reside.

As a 30-something who’s still charting her path and settling into big uncertainties, finding joy in small wonders and gratitude in befriending the good, the bad, and the ugly, I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t have it all figured out. But I believe that the gaps in our lives, the unanswered questions and unresolved endings, are invitations to dig a little deeper and welcome what we uncover.

I’ve maintained my passion for stories, sharing in them, learning from them, and watching them weave the threads that keep us connected, with one another and with the planet that keeps us afloat. My roles as a writer, blogger, and mental health therapist offer me not just a sense of purpose, but a resting place — where I’m continually expanding my comfort zone and uncovering the wonders of not only what it means to be human, but to be fully alive.

No matter the form the day takes, it is always ripe with opportunity: to grow, to play, to laugh, to cry, to scream, to dance, to sing, to think, to overthink, to love, to be vulnerable, to be brave, to listen, to speak up, to create, to learn, to teach, to forgive, to grieve, to celebrate, to be mindful, to be curious, to strive, to connect, to disconnect, to fail, to begin again, to live.

I am continually grateful for and in awe of the gifts that replenish themselves by showing up in this space. The union that emerges between mind and soul each time I sit down to write, to create, to connect, has exceeded any previous hopes and expectations. Bringing bits of myself into everything I produce is an ongoing experiment in vulnerability and an organic unfolding. I hope you’re able to see them. I hope you find bits of yourself in them too.

Let’s talk therapy.

What type of therapist are you?

I specialize in working with women who are wrestling with discomfort and uncertainty arising from life transitions, work and familial responsibilities, intimate partnerships, and chronic stressors that have become too heavy to bear. Here’s a taste of what I enjoy most about my work:

• Developing meaningful self-care strategies tailored to a client’s strengths, interests, and creativity
• Witnessing, writing, and rewriting clients’ stories with them
• Challenging clients to meet all of their parts with curiosity, gratitude, and tenderness
• Enabling clients to accept their experience while quieting the inner voice of self-judgment
• Working with clients to identify their values and live from a space that honors them
• Exploring the roles of nutrition, diet, sleep, and exercise in promoting clients’ emotional wellness
• Participating in clients’ growth as they learn to flourish in the face of life’s hardships

I want my clients to meet themselves at the start and end of each day and fall in love all over again with what they find. I try to help them want this too.

Self-care =

Golden milk + crosswords + learning new words + yoga with Adriene + meditating + screen time breaks + getting outdoors + making sweet things + dabbling in savory things + book stacks + The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse + baking bread (or pretending I do) + hiking + collecting bits of nature on walks + running + diversifying my music library + always, forever, invariably: spending time with my favorite girl, whose ears happen to perk up at the word “park,” Lyla.

The end.
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