For now and for always


is where the four-legged friend
greets me at the door.

Hailing from the Midwest, after contending with 20-something years of bitter winters (but blessed with a beautiful skyline,) I made my way to the Mid-Atlantic where I earned my master’s degree in counseling psychology, as my creative spirit nudged me along and patiently waited for me to respond.

My journey has been far from


but the best ones never are.

A few years (and some personal growth spurts) later, I’ve gone on to explore my calling with a passion for stories – sharing in them, learning from them, and watching them weave the threads that keep us connected: with one another and with the planet that keeps us afloat. Writing isn’t just my day job – it’s a resting place. Where I’m continually expanding my comfort zone and uncovering the wonders of not only what it means to be human, but to be fully alive: to absorb, the good, the bad, and the ugly with grace and gratitude.

Writing isn’t just my


it’s a resting place.

As a minimalist and mindfulness practitioner, I opt for experiences over extravagances, and thrive in warm, open spaces that reflect my values. I’m learning to step out of my headspace and into my heartspace, to turn down the noise and turn up the stillness. Each of these, like most things in life, is an ongoing practice. And each has helped me cultivate ways of being that both challenge and reward me in profound ways. I’m grateful to share this virtual space with you, and hope that it offers a welcome opening where you can connect with your own inner knowings. When I take time to center and ground, you’ll find me rolling out my yoga mat, ticking books off my to-read list, marveling at nature’s wonders, and playing with my sweet pup, Lyla.

Let’s be friends! No strings attached.

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