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  • ACT for Beginners, Part II

    ACT for Beginners, Part II

    We all can benefit from learning to be more present; more in touch with our values; more able to make room for the inevitable difficulties of life; more able to distance ourselves from unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and memories; and more able to take effective action in the face of emotional discomfort. Psychological flexibility brings all of these advantages, and more.

  • ACT for Beginners, Part I

    ACT for Beginners, Part I

    Note: This is part one of a two-part post. When our anxious thoughts interfere with our ability to engage with the world around us, we quickly become overwhelmed, driven by fear of what might happen instead of a desire and willingness to experience each moment as it unfolds. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental […]

  • Seeing the World Through Dog-Colored Glasses

    Seeing the World Through Dog-Colored Glasses

    Lyla, my pint-sized Australian Shepherd mix, loves to acknowledge everyone, and I mean everyone, when we’re out for a walk. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what type of shoes you’re wearing: no one is immune to her insatiable drive to greet any non-threatening, unsuspecting, this-could-be-my-new-best-friend human. If we pass someone […]

  • Seeking Solitude

    Seeking Solitude

    I recently came back from Mexico with a sun-kissed nose, sand between my toes, and… a COVID infection. It’s not my first, and while I hope it’s my last, there’s really no telling. Three years into a pandemic that took the world by storm, much has changed.

  • 9 Steps to Soothe a Troubled Mind

    9 Steps to Soothe a Troubled Mind

    Sometimes it feels like rather than being able to control our thoughts, they control us: our emotions, our behavior, and more. Negative thoughts in particular can leave us wrapped up in self-criticism and self-doubt, their seeming urgency compelling us to believe them. But not all thoughts are true, and when we buy into their falsehoods, […]

  • FOMO? Embrace JOMO

    FOMO? Embrace JOMO

    It’s Friday night, and after a long week, you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief that the weekend has arrived. While your friends may celebrate by going to the movies or checking out a new restaurant in town, you’ve decided to honor this highly cherished night of the week with a solo evening in. Whether that means popping open a bottle of wine or ordering in, the night is yours to savor.

  • Write a Letter — to Yourself

    Write a Letter — to Yourself

    Nearly a decade ago, I began to write letters to myself. It was a practice suggested by my therapist, one that has been a saving grace on many occasions and continues to be a powerful avenue to self-reflection.

  • A Taste of the Mediterranean

    A Taste of the Mediterranean

    With a number of diets dictating how much, how often, and what we should eat, it can be difficult to distinguish ingredients our bodies need to thrive from those that leave us feeling drained, imbalanced, or even depressed.

  • Most Likely To

    Most Likely To

    At the age of seven, I declared myself an author and an illustrator, confidently nestled among the ranks of favorites – Eric Carle, Arnold Lobel, Roald Dahl – to name a few. Having begun writing in kindergarten, it seemed only natural. My young imagination was ripe with stories to tell, and I couldn’t fill the pages fast enough. My first-grade teacher would no doubt confirm this. I reeled in extra paper like most children do stickers and lollipops.

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