Author: Emily Rose Barr, MS, LCPC

  • Write a Letter — to Yourself

    Write a Letter — to Yourself

    Nearly a decade ago, I began to write letters to myself. It was a practice suggested by my therapist, one that has been a saving grace on many occasions and continues to be a powerful avenue to self-reflection.

  • A Taste of the Mediterranean

    A Taste of the Mediterranean

    With a number of diets dictating how much, how often, and what we should eat, it can be difficult to distinguish ingredients our bodies need to thrive from those that leave us feeling drained, imbalanced, or even depressed.

  • Most Likely To

    Most Likely To

    At the age of seven, I declared myself an author and an illustrator, confidently nestled among the ranks of favorites – Eric Carle, Arnold Lobel, Roald Dahl – to name a few. Having begun writing in kindergarten, it seemed only natural. My young imagination was ripe with stories to tell, and I couldn’t fill the pages fast enough. My first-grade teacher would no doubt confirm this. I reeled in extra paper like most children do stickers and lollipops.

  • Spilling Over

    Spilling Over

    Within each and every one of us, there is a place of inner stillness from which our thoughts and dreams arise. How do you find this place within yourself? When did you last spend time there? Can you go there now?

  • Mondays or Mondaze?

    Mondays or Mondaze?

    Mondays seem to get a bad rap. After weekend lie-ins and quality time with loved ones, it’s easy to see why we’re not exactly eager to rise and shine by the time this dreaded first day of the week rolls around.

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