Affirm 9

Dwell in peace. The rest is just noise.

Emily’s Affirmations

As the week nears its end, commit to separating yourself from the extraneous noise that crowds your everyday. You might want to lower the volume on:

• Excessive news consumption

• Mindless social media scrolling

• Unchecked negative self-talk

• Unrealistic expectations or demands

Looking for some ideas on how you can reconnect with what matters? Consider these:

• Go for a walk without your phone

• Listen to an audiobook or podcast

• Sit down with a crossword

• Silence notifications

• Spend time in nature

• Journal about what inspires you

• Do a mindfulness meditation

So much of what we encounter distracts us from being with ourselves and what grounds us. Spend some time over the next few days thinking about what might feel overwhelming or unfulfilling and consider where you’d like to focus your energy instead.