Affirm 8

I’m here, but maybe that’s
not where I’ll always be.

Emily’s Affirmations

Where are you today – physically, mentally, emotionally? Take a moment to reflect on your answers. Are you:

• Energized

• Exhausted

• Grateful

• Ashamed

• Focused

• Distracted

It’s natural to move through our days without tuning into how we’re really feeling, particularly when our plates are full and our stresses mounting. Make a habit of checking in with yourself this week. Set a timer, create a wallpaper or screensaver as a reminder, or ask a family member or friend to hold you accountable. 

Remember that our body and mind states are continually changing, as are the conditions that drive them. When you’re in a tough place, be present with whatever arises. Use it as an opportunity to listen to what you’re needing and respond with compassion.