Affirm 7

I trust my gentle nature.

Emily’s Affirmations

This morning I did yoga with the beloved @adrienelouise and after having taken a (much too) long, unintentional hiatus, it felt so restorative to get back on the mat and reconnect with my gentle self. 

It can be easy to lose sight of our gentle parts in moments of stress, frustration, anxiety, or anger. Sometimes we might even dismiss these parts of ourselves if we believe we’re “too sensitive” or have been hardened by the world’s edges.

Yet we each embody a gentle nature that offers intuition and guidance not readily accessible by our minds. With practice, you can learn to tap into this space and recognize its constant presence, coming to know it as a source of unconditional love and deep wisdom.

Try noticing it during a meditation or while engaged in something you love. During difficult moments, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and ask to connect with this part of yourself.

Remember that you can be:

• Gentle AND firm

• Gentle AND assertive

• Gentle AND strong

• Gentle AND confident

• Gentle AND angry (or sad or worried or anxious or irked)

• Gentle AND truthful

• Gentle AND outgoing

• Gentle AND human      

If you can’t tap into your gentleness right away, trust that it’s there in a capacity that you might not have discovered yet, and that’s ok.