Affirm 6

I come home to myself each day.

Emily’s Affirmations

Who did you last come home to? Was it a parent, a partner, a spouse, a child? Perhaps it was a pet or a roommate, a neighbor or a friend.

Close your eyes and reflect on your experience. Where were you coming from? How were you received? What did you hear, smell, or touch when you entered? What was your mood like?

It’s easy to remember, take for granted even our entries and re-entries to the places we find comforting and familiar. But we can neglect the ever-present space that eagerly awaits our return each day: the home within ourselves. 

What does your inner home look, sound, and smell like? Is it warm and lived in, inviting and restorative? Does sunlight beam through open windows as soft music plays in the background? Do favorite trinkets occupy its cozy corners and well-loved books its shelves?

Or has your mind’s home gone been vacant for some time, its rooms dark and musty, its furniture weathered, its shelves empty?

Which of these dwelling spaces would you prefer to come home to? What makes one more appealing than the other? As you tend to your inner space, ask yourself:

• What memories would you like it hold?

• What colors, sounds, and smells would you like it to radiate? 

• What guests will you allow in and which will you turn away?

• What feelings do you want it to evoke?

• How often will you clean it and repair its broken parts?

• What will its exterior look like?

When you come home to your mind’s doorstep each day, allow it to be a sanctuary. Fill it with soothing comforts and let love flow through each of its corners and crevices.