Affirm 5

When you feel the
most lost, you’re the
closest to being found.

Emily’s Affirmations

If you’re feeling lost, consider this:

• When we can’t find our way, we might just need to adjust our inner compass.

• When we think we’ve gone too far, maybe we haven’t gone far enough.

• When we’re worried we’ve missed our destination, we likely haven’t taken inventory of how far we’ve come.

From these spaces of uncertainty, we’re invited to go to the depths of our soul and challenge the conditions that contribute to our resistance, our shutting down, our powering through, our fear of what’s to come, and the lingering shadows of what was.

When you encounter dead-ends and detours, keep going. When hazards lie ahead, have a copilot. Even when you can’t see the horizon, it’s much closer than you think.