Affirm 4

I reflect what I receive.
I release what I
no longer need.

Emily’s Affirmations

What do you need to release today? Jealousy? Anger? Uncertainty? Overwhelm? It’s natural to keep our hardest emotions tucked away to protect ourselves from the pain they carry.

But over time, they can crowd out the joy, acceptance, affirmation, and intimacy we so deserve and desire.

Choose one of the practices below to release something that no longer serves you. It could be a thought, a feeling, a relationship, or even an object. What purpose did it fill? How will your life look different without it? As you engage in your practice, say to yourself: “I release ……………. so I can receive ……………….”

• Go for a run

• Write a letter

• Draw, paint, or color

• Write down what you’d like to let go of and release it to the wind

• Dance or sing

• Take a hot shower

• Scream into a pillow

• Meditate

• Light a candle and have a goodbye ceremony