Affirm 32

I let go of needing my experience to be different and embrace what is.

Emily’s Affirmations

This is the final post of a 3-piece mindfulness series.

How often do you catch yourself wanting your experience to be different?

• You’re driving home and you want traffic to move faster.
• You’re having a conversation and you want the other person to pay better attention.
• You’re at work and you want the office to be cooler.
• You lost your final game of the season and you want to have won.

If you embraced what was, instead of what could be, how would your experience shift? By being with what is, we’re better equipped to embrace each moment as it unfolds and respond from a space of reality rather than desire.

Today, experiment with acknowledging what is. When you catch yourself wanting things to be different, ask yourself, “What can I do to better my experience in this moment? What am I missing by focusing on what’s absent instead of what’s present?”