Affirm 3

The flowers that bloom nourish
the soul, but the seeds we
plant nourish the world.

Emily’s Affirmations

As the first month of the new year nears its end, take a moment to consider the seeds that you’ve planted. Are they seeds of strength and renewal, resilience and determination? Maybe they’re seeds you plant regularly that thrive in all seasons or perhaps you’re planting them for the very first time.

Now think about your soil. Is it moist or dry? Nutrient-rich or chemical ridden? How often do you tend to it? Under what conditions does it flourish?

Finally, ask yourself what you’re hoping will grow from your seeds. Will you keep your harvest to yourself or will it be shared widely? How will you know when it’s at its prime?

This month, I’ve been readying my soil for the weeks and months ahead: turning it over and pulling up weeds, as traces of dirt take up residence under my fingernails, a steady reminder of what I’m working toward.

It’s easy to forget that the flowers we admire, the fruits and vegetables we consume, and the crops we rely on each begin as a single seed, persisting through unpredictable weather changes and relying on vitamins and nutrients as they push up out of the ground.

As the seasons unfold, ask yourself what you’re wanting to grow and take steps to foster its development. When you encounter obstacles, remember the seed’s resilience and trust that the winds will scatter them where they are needed.