Affirm 28

The mind is a safe place.

Emily’s Affirmations

As a therapist, I often hear clients say, “How do I fix it?” or, “How do I make it go away?”

After confessing that all my schooling and training unfortunately didn’t bestow upon me any troubleshooting guides for the human mind or clever one-liners that will send your troubles packing (shocking, I know,) I remind the person sitting across from me that the depression, anxiety, anger she’s experiencing isn’t out to sabotage her, but to serve her.

Our brains and bodies are constantly working to keep us safe and alert, balanced and regulated.

That depression you’re experiencing? It wants you to slow down and reevaluate.

That anxiety? It wants you to be less self-critical and more self-aware.

And anger? It’s got your back, baby! It usually just wants you to take notice.

Befriending emotions and experiences that knock us down or leave us a bit off kilter can feel like being asked to lie down next to a lion.

But that sweet little noggin of yours was built to look after you. So the next time you ask yourself (or your therapist,) “What’s the solution here?,” take a moment to show your suffering a little kindness. Thank it for working so tirelessly to see you through.