Affirm 26

You are not your thoughts. You are simply the canvas on which they are painted.

Emily’s Affirmations

Fact or fiction:

✓ All of my thoughts are true
✓ My thoughts demand immediate action
✓ My thoughts define me
✓ My thoughts are unchangeable
✓ My thoughts represent what’s happening here and now
✓ My thoughts are the same as my feelings

If you answered true to any of the above, let’s take another look:

➤ Some of our thoughts are true while others are untrue. Notice how many of your thoughts are objective and fact-based and how many are influenced by your mood, the weather, what time you went to bed last night, how attractive you feel today … Takeaway: Thoughts ≠ facts.

➤ Thoughts are good at disguising themselves as urgent. Most of our thoughts, particularly those pesky negative ones, benefit from a little time, space, and reflection before we act. Takeaway: You are not the 911 operator for your thoughts.

➤ If our thoughts defined us, we’d be chasing after them unable to keep up with their steady stream. We’d hide the shameful ones, showcase the saintly ones, and run away from the big scary ones. Our thoughts are simply one of the many features that make me me and you you. Takeaway: Take comfort in knowing that you are not your thoughts.

➤ Can you remember a time you used to think one way about something that is completely misaligned with how you think about it now? Our thoughts are malleable, not fixed. Mindfulness can help you engage with your thoughts differently and ultimately reshape them. Takeaway: Your thoughts today don’t look the same as they did yesterday.

➤ Our thoughts are tremendous story-weavers and teleportation devices. They can take us from the present to the future to the past to last week to next year to 5 minutes ago all within a single sip of tea. Takeaway: Your thoughts are an unstoppable time machine.

➤ It’s common to mistake our thoughts for feelings. How many times have you said, “I feel like you’re not listening to me”? You can think this but you can’t feel it. Instead, you might feel frustrated or disappointed. Takeaway: Thoughts represent our beliefs, attitudes, opinions and ideas. Feelings are a conscious awareness of our emotions themselves.