Affirm 18

You will feel so much
freer once you let go
of needing to hold on.

Emily’s Affirmations

Letting go. What comes up for you when you hear this phrase?

We often view letting go as giving something up – of our past, of our present, of ourselves, of our relationships, of our routines. Yet parting with what we tightly cling to encompasses so much more.

Think about what your relationships looked like 10 years ago and what they look like now. How have your passions shifted; your surroundings morphed; your habits changed?

Becoming our most authentic selves is rooted in our grasping and our releasing: our recognizing what no longer serves us and aligning with what does.

What weights are you carrying that you can let go of? Here are some questions to help you get started: 

• What purpose did this serve before? What purpose does it serve now?

• What will I miss when this is gone? What will I gain?

• How does this align with my values? How does it deviate from them?

• How will my life look different when this is gone? What will I see when I look in the rearview?

• What does it feel like in my body when I think about letting go of this? What will it feel like when I release it?

Be gentle with yourself as you sit in this space. Make room for the fear, ambivalence, longing, shame, sadness, or grief that may arise. Remember that letting go is a process, one that requires deliberation and care.