Affirm 17

There will always be a sun.

Emily’s Affirmations

What started as a simple journal doodle would turn out to be a source of great comfort in July of 2020 when the weight of the pandemic was beginning to settle in.

Like many, I found myself in a space of deep fear and uncertainty, growing restless from stay-at-home orders and increasingly isolated from limited face-to-face contact.

The sun, a constant in a world of chaos, helped me feel more balanced. The knowledge that it would rise each day radiated through my body, bringing ease in the midst of overstimulation and a softening into myself and my surroundings.

What constant(s) do you rely on when your outer world is in disarray? It can be tangible – a pet, a place, a friend, a warm cup of tea – or intangible – a phrase, a feeling, a memory, an inner knowing.