Affirm 15

Nature knows what the mind cannot hold.

Emily’s Affirmations

Nature’s beauty, depth, and intelligence cannot be fully grasped by the human mind. My encounters with the natural world remind me how far I have to go in understanding its rhythms and wisdom.

I’m struck by its unrelenting force and its ever-present gentleness, its patience and its perseverance, its incomparable resilience and its enviable color swatches.

We are all students of the trees, the insects, the flowers, the fields, and the oceans that surround us. 

I’ve admired the sunflowers’ thick stalks and asked for strength from the evergreens. I’ve watched the delicate dance of butterflies and entrusted my soul to the soil. 

For all of nature’s offerings, I can respond with only my willingness to listen and to learn; to notice that which is too often taken for granted; to recognize that I am only a visitor and Mother Earth is my home.