Affirm 13

Do not get caught up
in those impermanent things
which come together
and then fall apart.

Emily’s Affirmations

These words are from a dear friend, Sue Cochrane, whose light, grace, and courage knew no bounds. The series of affirmations to follow will be from Sue’s deep reservoir of wisdom, dedicated to her memory and the unconditional love with which she imbued the world.

Where can you embrace impermanence? Much of what we hold dear is transient in nature, its form and function continually evolving. Even the people, places, and things we know best don’t remain stagnant:

• Our partnerships look different over the lifespan

• Our disappointments are mended with bouts of good news

• Our arguments don’t end in the space from which they’re initiated

• Our living spaces take on new colors and memories

• Our jobs bring various challenges and responsibilities

• Our belongings show wear and tear with repeated use

• Our bodies renew their cells and repair themselves after falls, breaks, and strains

• Our worst days lessen their grip as we learn to navigate their aftermath

• Our failures come to be seen in the larger context of our successes

The changing landscape of our experience is unavoidable, but our refusal of it is not. Find beauty, joy, and harmony in what is. One day, it will be your past, and you will measure it against a yet unknown future. But for now, it is all you have: temporary, fleeting, and yours to be savored.

To learn more about Sue’s legacy of love, you may visit her blog using the link below: