Affirm 12

Go slow and know.

Emily’s Affirmations

How’s your day been progressing? Have you been running around, moving from one thing to the next with little awareness? Pausing for a break only to find yourself distracted? Checking the clock to make sure you’re staying on schedule?

Or have you been seeing each moment through with ease? Engaging in conversation. Noticing the temperature and sounds around you. Putting your task list aside for a time.

Slowing down my body is a practice that has been fundamental to slowing down my mind. By walking at a slower pace, consciously focusing on what’s before me while quieting thoughts of what’s next, and tuning into my senses as a means of self-care, I find that my anxiety levels are lower and I’m better able to stay present.

This affirmation is best repeated to yourself as you start your day. Let yourself be fully immersed in brushing your teeth, combing your hair, preparing a cup of tea, getting dressed, or stepping outside.

If you notice the mind is busy with thoughts of the next activity, gently say to yourself, “Just this, or “Just now.” Take a deep breath, go slow and know.