Affirm 10

The empty spaces in our hearts
are invitations to dwell in abundance.

Emily’s Affirmations

Today we’re focusing on abundance. When we feel empty, we attribute it to a sense of lack: of self-worth, of meaningful relationships, of possessions, of life direction.

Our minds are good at noticing the gaps in our lives while failing to notice the areas in which we are thriving.

Having struggled with such feelings myself, I began to wonder if my unoccupied heart space was guiding me toward what had been present all along, but I failed to fully let in: deepened friendships, vulnerability, imperfection, self-acceptance, the gentle whisper leading me toward my calling.

In Buddhism, openness is sometimes called emptiness. I’m learning to tend to mine by welcoming what surrounds me.

What areas of your life or yourself feel empty? How have you tried to fill them? Instead of viewing these vacancies as something to be ashamed of or in need of repair, see them as invitations to dwell in abundance.