Autumn Awakening

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Soon Mother Nature will reveal her spectacular palette of reds, oranges, golds, and browns while we diligently swap out our shorts and tees for cashmeres and cable knits.  Restless children will return to school and shortened daylight hours will signal winter’s approach. Many will give thanks around tables of food as brilliant in color as the season herself, celebrating another year of bounty and blessings.

Autumn has long held pride of place in my heart. I can’t help but anticipate her arrival each year, like that of a close friend who knows you deeply. Her timing impeccable, it’s no accident that she shows up right between summer and winter, a salve for the oppressive heat, a cushion for the cold nights to come.

Her 3-month stay, all too short in my mind, can only be described as enchanting. Look no further than the swirl of leaves that dance with effortless delicacy to the ground below. If autumn is a choreographer, she has front row seats reserved for you.

The crisp sound of leaves crunching underfoot cannot be replicated and dare I say is one of the most satisfying pleasures of being human. Watch as the old become young again and the young leave no square inch of sidewalk untrod.

The changing seasons usher us to accompany them in transition, compelling us to examine the minutiae of our days and the larger seams of which our lives are stitched. If there are holes, we seek to repair them, perhaps for the first time or perhaps the five-hundredth. We reset our clocks prepared to make the most of our waking hours and feel a surge of energy at the prospect of holidays and milestones ahead.

Year after year, each spring continues to bring renewed hope and excitement, as does each summer, autumn, and winter. Invigorated by fresh starts, we’re perfectly tuned to the rhythms of our calendar year. We rely on them to ease us through our 365-day journey around the sun, providing a sense of order to our complex lives.

The changing seasons bring with them a wonderful sense of predictability. There’s great relief to be found from knowing that October will always follow September and June will always precede July. It’s reassuring to recognize that no matter what your year’s tapestry, come November, you’ll have no shortage of reasons to be grateful.

As autumn approaches, reflect on your own life’s transitions. What helps you restore your balance? Where do you look for meaning in difficult times? As you do so, embrace the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes that this marvelous scenery change bestows.

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