Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, rabbit. Make these your first words upon waking the first of each month, and tradition says good luck will follow. Naturally, when I learned this, I said the phrase aloud once, then again, and again, hoping to squeeze out all the good karma I could.

I don’t think it works like this, but I was so eager at the notion of swaying the future in my favor, I couldn’t help myself.

It was a fairly regular Wednesday, not particularly lucky nor unlucky, but fortunately there are 29 days left for this unusually ordinary phrase to work some magic. And I could use some magic.

We all can, can’t we? Maybe that’s why these traditions exist, however silly or serious they may seem. Rabbits’ feet, stray pennies, and ladybugs all connote good fortune. Whether or not we believe in their suggested power to shower us with simple blessings, maybe it’s merely believing in their potential that sways us.

Imagine a ladybug lands on your arm, and several hours later you get a bit of good news. In all likelihood, that news would have reached you, lucky ladybug or not. But you suddenly remember this moment and think, Yes, my bit of good news came with 6 spots and a pair of wings!

What about all the times our upswings aren’t preceded by shiny objects or spotted insects, and our hardest moments are? It’s fun to believe that simple objects or phrases can bring good fortune our way, but it’s easy to set yourself up for disappointment when they don’t.

Can we prime our minds to notice the good, in the absence of good luck charms?

This morning, I was less bothered by disappointments because of the mere notion that two words would cast out bad karma. Sure, I still felt their sting, but I brushed them off, not wanting to acknowledge that they contradicted the magic that was surely headed my way.

Two simple words and I was determined that this month’s forecast had already improved. My fate was superstitiously sealed.

The power of suggestion when it comes to our notions of what’s lucky or unlucky is undeniable, but its outcomes are dangerously inconsistent. If they weren’t, we’d be better at remembering what we were wearing when we got a promotion or what the weather was like when we got bad news from the doctor.

Rain doesn’t always follow bad news, and new blazers don’t always lead to new office spaces. Believe that the first of the month, and each day to follow will bring good news, simply because it has the potential to.

I watched my puppy run through the leaves this afternoon, and it was the simplest joy of my day. No one, human or animal, embraces the changing seasons quite like she does, and I’m among the luckiest to witness it. Maybe it’s because I said those magic words three times this morning, but more likely it’s because I was open to unlocking their power.

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