More Than Miles

The best part of a new year is its onset. Like an unworn item that hangs in our closet or the start of a job we worked so hard to obtain, we appreciate it most in its early stages. Maybe you’ve made resolutions or maybe you haven’t. Maybe this is going to be the year that you finally start exercising more or take up a hobby that’s always intrigued you.

Whatever your intentions for 2017, be they grand or modest, the stroke of midnight seems to bring about an unrivaled energy, fueled by the welcoming of a new beginning. Perhaps more important than the resolutions we make is the energy that drives them.

Energy for the days when we’re feeling tired or stressed, and have long since forgotten the commitments we made months ago. Energy when it’s easier to turn in early, have the last word, or seek distraction. Energy when we’d rather give up than see what waits for us just around the corner.

I didn’t make resolutions this year, and in the past they’ve been few and simple. But I can’t deny the sense of renewal and excitement January brings. It will fade as the months go on, and we’ll find ways to restore our motivations. We’ll slip up, and we’ll adjust.

So why not soak up what inspires you during this fleeting annual high and let it guide you? Maybe it will be an article you read, the start of a daily routine, or simply reflecting on what you’re most grateful for and would like to maintain.

Shift the emphasis to all that you’ve already accomplished, and know that you’ll continue to reach your goals whether they’re neatly packaged or not.

Our change efforts are not one size fits all, despite our attempts to make them so. But there’s a common thread in the energy that drives us: a desire to lead more fulfilling lives, to give back, to grow and improve.

And that’s worth measuring, more than miles tracked or calories burned.

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