Like it Matters

It can feel like our days of living with intention are few and far between. Becoming wrapped up in the busyness and noise by which our moments are so often defined, there’s little room to simply be; to reflect on what it is we’re about to eat, say, watch, or do, even to give ourselves permission to do nothing at all.

On our best days, we live like it matters. We give our bodies the attention and care they need to thrive. We nurture our relationships. We focus on what we have, instead of what we lack. To do so takes discipline and present moment awareness. Most of all, it takes willingness to believe that each of our days makes a difference, even when it feels like they may not.

Here are some ways to live with this in mind, on our best days, our in-between, and our worst.


What we eat is important, but we routinely find ourselves choosing convenience over what our bodies crave. Our bodies crave what they need, and when we live like it matters, we pay greater attention to that.


We don’t like to own our mistakes. But what if we did? Not because we’re proud of them, but because they mean something. Sometimes, as much as our successes do. Laughable moments can be a near-daily occurrence. They can also be a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. Learn from your failures, welcome them even, knowing that you wouldn’t be on the path you are today, had you not stumbled a few times to get here.

Idle time

Too often, we minimize the inherent value that comes from simply being. In the midst of timetables and to-do lists, we can all benefit from taking time to recharge. Relish in the pleasure of your own company. Try to use it as a means to connect with yourself and your surroundings, no matter how your day has progressed, and no matter how many to-do’s are left unchecked.


Investing deeply in relationships engenders deep rewards. Yet, we can forget the importance of investing in our relationship with self. This should be part of our daily intention: to think, play, explore the things we love, and discover the things we don’t. The more you are able to know and accept yourself, the more you’ll start to live like this is the case.


We are not afforded the benefit of knowing what tomorrow, next week, or next year will bring. In fact, we can only predict what the next hour will bring – with fair accuracy, most of the time. But we’re also designed to discount the times we’re wrong because it’s more comfortable to be right, especially when it comes to the future. In living like today matters – our words, our actions, our interactions – we raise the value on tomorrow. Even when we can’t see it, each of our days matters. When you can wake up believing that, the rest follows naturally.