When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. – Lao Tzu

Do you ever feel like you put pieces of your life on hold? I do. Just as soon as A, B, or C happens, then I’ll plan that trip, sign up for that class, start postponing less, start living more. Soon, my someday list grows so long, that I become a time capsule of all the things I want to do, meanwhile doing only what I’m accustomed to.

That’s not to say that I deprive myself of new experiences or avoid straying from routine. This past year, I reinvested in a number of discarded hobbies that had been collecting dust like antiques on the highest shelf, while adding a few new ones to my collection.

But how often do we place conditions of tomorrow on that which we could begin today?

The trouble with putting pieces of our lives on hold, is that we are in fact putting pieces of ourselves on hold. In choosing not to pursue something that catches our eye, or makes our heart beat a little faster, we are denying all the ways in which it will shape us, and that which drew us to it in the first place. If that’s the case, then what are we prioritizing?

Money. Expectations. Convenience, to name a few. All of which play an important role in ensuring life flows as it should. But when these anchors begin to tug us away from going after what we most aspire to, we gradually sacrifice who we could become for who we are today.

In order to be who we want to become, we have to start moving things from our someday list to our today list.

I want to cook more, write more, read more. I want to meditate daily, drive less, and sleep better. I want to go to that yoga in the park, that’s been on my calendar for about 2 years now.

I want to get a dog.

There are few obstacles to the things in our lives that get put on hold, other than those we create ourselves. Once we begin pursuing our passions of the present, in the present, the only question left is what’s next?

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