Final Sale


After a welcome sabbatical, the countdown to early mornings, business casual, and benefits has reached the single digits.

Of course this highly anticipated transition is one I’ve imagined for some time now. Though I must admit I grew accustomed to the perks afforded to me over the past months – midday naps, long weekends, daytime grocery runs, staying in my pajamas.


As day one approaches, I suddenly feel a great sense of urgency to make the most of my time remaining. The city is teeming with opportunities that beg to be grasped: art museums, parks, markets, that have been present all along, but now feel like final sale items.

This feeling is not unknown. In fact, it has been common to my experience. It is as though when preparing to leave a period or place, we start to see it in a new light. All that we postponed rises to the top of our priorities, and all that we cherished becomes harder to part with. Our negative memories are easily forgotten, and we fill in the gaps with the sentimental.


Even our long-term investments can feel fleeting. So little in our lives is permanent; homes are bought and sold, relationships begin and end, children grow and look back, and so do we.

We make transitions daily, but it is the big ones that make us do a double-take. We can anticipate change, but can we predict what we might miss when it’s no longer within our reach?

In any given day, week, month, or year, we are presented with countless opportunities to connect with the people and places that surround us. So let’s not wait until an ending prompts us to do so. Your soon-to-be favorite gallery, trail, café is waiting! Go and find it.

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