Plan C

Don’t fret, it will happen differently anyway. – Dutch saying

How often does life take us by surprise? We can spend the whole of our days planning for tomorrow, only to find ourselves where we never expected.

I’m a planner – outfits, meals, budgets, outings, alarms, to-do lists, and everything in between. I’d like to think that I have sole control over how my days unfold. Perhaps this provides a sense of security and predictability in a world that regularly convinces us otherwise.

Nearly 3 years ago, I reluctantly packed my bags, and left the comforts of a city called Home to lay down new roots. You would not find “Move to a new city” among the bullet points on my to-do list. And such a change in scenery had not even crossed my mind as a possibility only a year before.

Life moved me forward; 700 miles to be exact. I nervously went along, slowly absorbing my new surroundings. And then I dug in. Feet firmly planted, taken with a place that was merely meant to be a stop along the way.

Life has a way of progressing when we’re not looking. Connections are made, love is lost and found, landscapes change, jobs are traded, all with little regard for our carefully revised plans.

Think of your most memorable adventures, your proudest achievements, and the risks you took in reaching them. Look to the relationships you stitched along the way, and how deeply you regard them. Were they part of your original blueprint, or the product of Plan C?

Sometimes, our richest experiences are those absent from our 5-year plans and daily to-do’s. We can find ourselves exactly where we are meant to be, even when such a place was not on our map.

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