Words Unspoken

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. – Nelson Mandela

How many of our words go left unsaid? I love you; forgive me; I care about you; thank you. We can be in such a rush to fill the silences that surround us that we choose our words carelessly, without giving voice to what is on our hearts.

Sometimes, it’s not until we are in danger of losing someone that all the words that have not yet made their way to our lips come spilling out, a flurry of afterthoughts and emotions. A sense of panic compels us to share what we keep so carefully tucked away.

Before this moment comes, we convince ourselves to go another day, week, months even, before verbalizing that which lingers deep within. We wait for the right time, when the stars align, to say the words that lie on the tip of our tongue.

Such a time resides in fiction, where writers craft each sequence, each relationship, and each utterance. Oh that our own lives could be so beautifully scripted, so deliberately constructed! If we keep waiting for the perfect time, we will continue to be faced with disappointment.

Imagine expressing what you feel right when you feel it, not in haste, but with intention.

When you know love, share it; when you are grateful, show it; when anger weighs you down, vocalize it; when regret lies within, reach out.

If we do not say what we feel when we have the chance, we risk it never making its way to the script, and that can alter the entire plot.

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